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Queer Sex Ed Workshops

Join facilitators Ardeo and River as we delve into the queer sex education you didn’t get in high school!

By taking a queer-centred approach to sex ed, we make fewer assumptions about people’s bodies and relationships, making it more applicable and accessible to everyone in the room. This workshop is designed to share knowledge and skills about sexual health and building healthy relationships. For youth participants, we believe that access to relevant sex ed taught by other young people will help this generation navigate the complexities of relationships, dating and sex in a risk-aware way as they move through the world. 

Workshop Description:

The first half of this workshops covers ideas around consent, definitions of sex, tools and resources for setting boundaries and exploring desire, and ethical porn. The second half of the workshop focuses on health related topics, including STBBI transmission, local testing services, birth control, abortion, HIV criminalization, sex toy and lube basics, and demos on using and making a variety of barriers (dental dams, internal and external condoms, gloves).

We centre queer and trans experiences throughout and take a harm reduction lens.

How to Book:

Please be in touch at if you’re interested in bringing Queer Sex Ed into your high school, community group or training program. Sliding scale rates are available, please be in touch.